Hatred of Jews

We are NOT the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. We are an interfaith group of Jewish and Muslim activists who believe that organisations such as the PSC have betrayed Palestinian rights in order to promote a solely anti-Israel, and even anti-Jewish, message of hatred and tacit support for terrorism.

Holocaust Denial and Jewish Power Conspiracy

Ellie Merton, chair of Waltham Forest PSC, appears to have no qualms with open anti-Semitism. Merton is a strong supporter of the infamous anti-Jewish, pro-terror Ken O’Keefe and his ‘Road to Hope’ convoy, which was strongly supportive of the recently deposed government of Libyan dictator Gaddafi.

The website of Waltham Forest PSC recommends, and links to, the notorious Deir Yassin Remembered website, an organisation heavily criticised for its promotion of Holocaust denial.

Merton has claimed that the brutal murders in Norway by Anders Breivik were part of a conspiracy by the Israeli government.

Gill Kaffash is the former Secretary of the Camden branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Here are her comments to Iranian news agency IRNA about the Holocaust:

“There is no doubt that a great number of Jews along with other victims of the Nazi army were killed by Hitler. However, historical phenomena need to be further examined to uncover the truth. Therefore banning opposition to the theses termed as `invariable reality` is irrational.”

Paul Eisen has noted that while he was supporting Holocaust denial within the PSC, Kaffash provided ‘solidarity’, as noted in his essay, ‘My Life as a Holocaust Denier’.

Cliff Hanley is the former Chair and Secretary of Bristol PSC. His blog refers to the infamous Holocaust Denier Anthony Lawson and states that both 9/11 and Wikileaks are part of a Jewish conspiracy. Furthermore, he has sent messages to the Bristol PSC mailing list on how the ‘Jewish lobby works’.

Sammi Ibrahem was chair of the West Midlands PSC, and runs an anti-Jewish website called Shoah.org.uk. Ibrahem is not a Holocaust denier; rather, and far more shockingly, he supports the Nazi attempt to eradicate the Jewish people. Ibrahem has voiced his admiration for the Nazi regime and poured scorn on Jewish holocaust victims. Here, he laments the trials of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg:

“I bow my head in reverence to those who were judicially murdered at Nuremberg. They were the world’s martyrs, not villains. Not one of them would have been condemned to death in a fair trial – not one! They sacrificed an entire nation, and in the end themselves, to save Western civilization. They were defeated by thugs in robes and gangsters in uniform – and by the conspiracies hatched by shysters from the ghettos of Eastern Europe.”

The Scottish branch of the PSC offers a free book to all new members: Shlomo Sand’s The Invention of the Jewish People – a book whose central argument is that the Jewish people, as a single collectivity, do not exist. They recently supported Paul Donnachie, a student at St. Andrews University in Scotland, who was charged and found guilty of racially abusing a Jewish student. Despite the ruling, the SPSC continue to voice their support for Donnachie’s actions.

Norwich PSC had an article on its website that claimed that the function of the Holocaust Educational Trust was: “maintaining a culture of gentile guilt and Jewish victimhood in British schools.”

The Liverpool PSC website includes a page titled “The Power of Zionists“. The first item under this headline is this cartoon, showing a Jewish man with a hooked nose and a Star of David flag, ordering an American soldier to fight a war.

According to one report, in 2007 this sticker was distributed in the United States by the neo-Nazi group White Aryan Resistance (WAR), and may have actually been produced by them. It is still available for download from the WAR website on a page of extremely offensive antisemitic cartoons (under the heading, “Kikes“).

 Liverpool PSC has also suggested that there are too many Jews in Parliament.


“Khybar, Khybar al-Yahud”

In 2011, a protest outside the Israeli embassy, partly organised by the PSC, had the crowds waving Hezbollah and Hamas flags – groups that have both declared their wish to eradicate the Jewish people from the face of the earth.

The crowds chanted ‘Khybar, Khybar al-Yahud’. Al-Yahud is Arabic for ‘the Jews’, and Khybar is in reference to the ancient slaughter of the Jewish tribe in Medina. In other words: Slaughter the Jews.

At 5 mins 20:


“Jews are parasites…evil…vindictive”

In December 2009, the PSC held an event in Bloomsbury. A number of activists turned up who espoused a far-right supremacist mindset. Captured on video, a man who identifies himself as John Sullivan (left) stated “Everybody knows what a nasty, unpleasant people Jewish people are in England…you are parasites…you’re cruel, unpleasant people…Jewish people, if you look through history are vindictive, probably evil…f*** off back to Israel.”

Support for Hamas

The PSC has openly and repeatedly made clear its support for Hamas. In October 2010, PSC representatives met with Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a Hamas leader in Gaza, who has made deeply homophobic and anti-Semitic comments.

In January 2009, he called for the killing of Jewish children “all over the world” and in an interview published by Reuters on 28 October 2010, he attacked the West for supporting Israel, saying “you do not live like human beings. You do not [even] live like animals. You accept homosexuality”. On 29 July 2011 Zahar said “we are not going to accept Israel as the owner of one square centimetre because it is a fabricated state.”


The list of examples could go on and on. To make our point, let’s take a look at just one PSC branch, based in York, whose senior members include staff from the University of York.

In 2009, Andrew Collingwood, a PSC activist, published photos of a protest in which he was involved, including one of a placard that featured a witch with accentuated Jewish features, which posited that anti-Semitism is a made-up concept.

In response to criticisms from anti-racism groups, Collingwood, a well-known member of the infamous York branch of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign suggested that accusations of anti-Semitism were a result of political chicanery.

The former Chairman and current Secretary; of the same branch, Terry Gallogly, encouraged members of his mailing list to distort a poll in a Jewish newspaper discussing the problems of the violent English Defence League in order to paint British Jews as racists. Leading PSC activist Tony Greenstein applauded Gallogly for this attempted smear.


Gallogly, also a member of the national executive of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, was part responsible for a visit to the University of York by the infamous Aharon Cohen of the extremist sect Neturei Karta in 2007. The previous year, Cohen had stated that the Holocaust victims “deserved it”.

Furthermore, the previous chair, Stephen Leah, helped produce a report that promoted the writings of the Christian Far Right author Stephen Sizer, who has been condemned for his links to Holocaust deniers.

In 2004 a vigil was held at Clifford’s Tower to commemorate the terrible massacre of Jews in 1190. This was gatecrashed by PSC activists, who saw fit to exploit the massacre of more than 110 Jews with their own political agitprop.