Inciting Violence and Support for Genocide

In early 2011, a Facebook page appeared calling for renewed violence in the Palestinian territories. The page contained the text: “Judgment Day will be brought upon us only once the Muslims have killed all of the Jews.” The page had more than 340,000 fans. The first two intifadas claimed thousands of Palestinian and Israeli lives, many of whom were murdered by terrorist attacks. The PSC joined the cacophony of extremist voices calling for a renewal of such ‘resistance’.

Following a great deal of support from pro-violence movements for a Third Intifada, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign helped organise a rally in favour. As if this rejection of the peace process and support for violent struggle is not terrifying enough to the non-partisan observer, there were recorded instances of chants referencing the slaughter of Jews and voicing support for Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist organisation.

At 5 mins 20 in the video below, the crowds chanted ‘Khybar, Khybar al-Yahud’ . al-Yahud is Arabic for ‘the Jews’, and Khybar is in reference to the ancient slaughter of the Jewish tribe in Medina. Although one protestor was arrested, none was charged for the organised screaming that encouraged the murder of the Jewish people.