“The face of the PSC is loud and angry”

A letter in the Leicester Mercury

On Friday night, November 16, I stood with friends to show solidarity for Batsheva, who were performing that night for one night only at the wonderful Curve Theatre in Leicester.

We of course encountered the opposing side that of the PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Campaign). It was my first experience of them, which I found alarming and very negative.

This was due to the fact that there were about 100 of them and 11 of us and they were loudly shouting in anger incessantly for more than three hours.

They shouted slogans such as “Free Gaza” and “Shame on you, shame on you” and worst of all “your tickets have been bought in Palestinian blood”.

These horrible words were shouted at people who came out to enjoy a night out at the theatre.

Everyone who went into the theatre was booed at as well, including myself.

Make no mistake about it, the face of the PSC is loud and angry.

In an effort to turn around their strong negativity to that of a positive one, as I was being booed at I turned to the crowd and shouted: “I wish you all peace”.

I most certainly do.

The PSC tried to boycott this show both externally and internally, as we discovered once inside they had five PSC plants, who were forcibly removed after each disruption.

Each time the crowd clapped and cheered on Batsheva, willing them to continue performing.

The PSC had also boycotted them earlier this year in Edinburgh and caused disruptions.

Its protests against Batsheva was very sad really as, had it been successful, it would have denied the good people of Leicester who love culture a fantastic evening of joy and amazement.

Batsheva dancers were incredible to watch and thoroughly enjoyable, very inspiring and a delight to the eyes.

Most of the crowd gave them a well-deserved standing ovation.

It would have been a great and sad loss of creative culture had this show not taken place.

I’d like to thank the Curve Theatre for putting on this fantastic show.

Batsheva isn’t just Israeli dancers – it includes dancers from Spain, Japan and America.

Let’s be clear, dance is an art form, it is not political, religious or biased.

The PSC tried to stop the good people of Leicester experiencing this wonderful evening, I am very glad they failed. Let’s remember – culture unites, boycotts divide.